Welcome to the eHealth Exchange Testing Workgroup Wiki!

This Wiki is managed by the Sequoia Project formerly known as Healtheway, Inc. for the benefit of the eHealth Exchange Testing Workgroup. The eHealth Exchange was created with the mission and purpose to improve patient care, streamline disability benefit claims, and improve public health reporting through secure, trusted, and interoperability health information exchange. The purpose of the Testing Work Group is to develop functional and conformance testing requirements for the testing and validation of Health IT Modules to the eHealth Exchange criteria. The Testing Workgroup will be responsible for the creation, review and approval of testing documentation, checklists and use cases. The workgroup will determine interoperability testing requirements to enable robust testing of information exchange among participants of the eHealth Exchange for Coordinating Committee approved use cases. Under the advice and guidance of the Coordinating Committee, and with approval from the Specification Factory and Policy and Technical Task Group, the Testing Workgroup will be responsible for testing requirements to ensure interoperable exchange among differing technology platforms and architectures.The Testing Workgroup shall focus on the broad needs for industry and remain grounded in existing capabilities implemented in production and where there are gaps or issues with information exchange.

Workgroup Responsibilities

In its role as a Testing Workgroup for the eHealth Exchange, the Workgroup members will fulfill the following responsibilities:
  • Maintain personal involvement in Workgroup meetings and related activities.
  • Respect any confidential discussions held in the Workgroup.
  • Represent the necessary expertise to contribute to the development of the Workgroup deliverables and enlist feedback from the constituents represented.

Scope of Work

The Testing Workgroup will be tasked to:
  1. Work on items as tasked by the eHealth Exchange Coordinating Committee Chair/Co-Chair and The Sequoia Project CEO. The Testing Workgroup is also expected to self-identify additional tasks, and to obtain approval and prioritization for such items by the Coordinating Committee Chair/Co-Chair.
  2. Provide subject matter expertise, and to work with other subject matter experts,to support development and maintenance of the testing materials to support the eHealth Exchange.
  3. Create or recommend adoption of the following artifacts:
    • Test Procedures (at various levels of detail);
    • Test Specifications;
    • Tests Cases;
    • Validation Scripts (actual creation, operation, and implementation of the tests may be included or excluded from the scope of the Testing Workgroup); and
    • Test Data (sample patients and documents).
    • Related documentation in order to test the various specifications and functional requirements
  4. Coordinate pilots of new testing documentation and tooling.
  5. Facilitate an open change management process that allows maintenance of the testing artifacts and expansion of the programs to meet industry needs.
  6. Obtain cross-workgroup approval of all testing artifacts by the eHealth Exchange Specification Factory, and the Policy and Technical Task Group, prior to submission for approval to the Coordinating Committee.
  7. Review and approve all eHealth Exchange Specification Factory artifacts.

In addition, the Testing Workgroup shall determine how best to facilitate testing of the eHealth Exchange between differing technology platforms and architectures, as well as differing transport protocols (e.g. SOAP, RESTful, etc.) and data types (e.g.document-based exchange, message-based exchange,API-based,etc.) To guide its work,it is expected that the Testing Workgroup will consider lessons learned from other industry testing efforts to support use-case development efforts and actively seek input from subject matter experts, when appropriate. The objective is to work with and leverage other existing testing initiatives as much as possible to avoid redundant work.

Testing Workgroup Final Charter - Approved 7/21/2015