Content Testing Pilot (April - July 2016)

The eHealth Exchange Testing Workgroup launched the content testing pilot on April 11 that will run through July 15, 2016. The webinar recording and slides can be found below for the kick off call. The content data load files, testing procedures, instructions and submission form can be found below. Once your organization has created the content sample, please submit the sample and submission form to for a formal testing report.

This testing pilot is open to anchor participants, founding members and production participants of the eHealth Exchange. Please submit questions and/or comments to

Content Testing Pilot Webinar: "Let's Improve the C-CDA Together" (April 12, 2016, 3pm ET)

Webinar Recording
Frequently Asked Questions
Inventory of HL7 C-CDA Resources

Content Test Data Files

TC: CCDA-CCD-CREATE-0001.0 HL7 C-CDA CCD record – create

This zip file contains both inpatient and ambulatory data to be used by systems under tests

TC: CCDA-CCD-RECEIVE-0001.0 HL7 C-CDA CCD record – receive

This zip file contains Inpatient Documents (CCDs, Referral Notes and Discharge Summary) and Ambulatory Documents (CCDs and Referral Notes) to be used by systems under tests

Testing Procedures and Instructions

This zip file contains three documents as follows:
  1. 2016_04_11_C-CDA_CCD_Test_Cases_CLEAN.docx (Overall Testing Document for CCD conformance including guidance from underlying standards documents.)
  2. ccds_reference_document_v1_0.pdf (2015 Edition Common Clinical Data Set/CCDS Reference Document)
  3. CCD_C-CDA_MU_eHEX_Content_Checklist-2016-04-11.xlsx (Summary of CCD Header and Body/Section requirements including vocabularies and value sets.)

Pilot Content Testing Submission Form

Content Testing Pilot Tools (self assessment testing can/should be completed to ensure the best submission for the pilot)

Standards Implementation and Testing Environment (SITE)
IHE Gazelle Objects Checker
Diameter Health CCD Analyzer (Will be run by Sequoia Staff only)