TLS Versions Clarifications Change Proposal DRAFT v005 for Public Review (reviewed 2016-11-22)

From the Specification Factory: "Problem Statement: The current eHealth Exchange Production Specifications have gaps related to the use of TLS for the exchange of production messages. A key aspect of this, is ensure that federal partners, which are subject to FIPS, are compliant.
Resolution: A significant amount of research has been conducted on this issue, and the following text has been drafted and proposed for addition to the eHealth Exchange specifications."

Patient Health Record (PHR) Specification and Testing Requirements for Comment (reviewed 2016-01-19)
This specification and testing requirements document was reviewed on the January 19, 2016 Testing Workgroup call by The Sequoia Project CTO/CIO, Eric Heflin. Please reference the recording for a one hour review of the documentation that can be found on the Communications and Calendar Page. Please provide comments to
  1. PHR Specification and Testing for Comment - version 8